Things You Shouldn’t Do When Buying a Home

The last thing in the world you would ever want is to spend a bunch of time searching for a home, finding that perfect place and then not being approved for your mortgage. There are also many common mistakes homebuyers make that could make the process much more painful than it has to be. We’re writing this article because we … Read More

Simple Tips to Unclutter the Garage and Set the Stage for a Successful Sale

When selling a home, staging is an important piece of the puzzle that can’t be overlooked. From the kitchen to the bedrooms and bathrooms, staging is a great way to make sure your home appeals to the masses. While staging spaces within your home is crucial, many sellers often neglect one important area: the garage. While the garage is used … Read More

Should I Rent or Buy a Home?

Choosing whether to rent or own a home is not an easy decision. It requires you to carefully examine the factors and costs associated with each option. Which is better? That depends. Your unique economic situation, lifestyle and goals play the largest part in deciding what is better for you. It’s important to go into your calculations with open eyes. … Read More

7 Home Reno’s That Will Increase Your Resale Value Big Time

You want to make the most money possible when it comes time to sell your home. The way to do that is by improving and updating the things in your home that buyers look for the most. We compiled this list for those looking to boost their resale value. It’s important to focus on the renovation projects that will net … Read More

10 Tips for Living Large while Going Small

With rent rising and family sizes decreasing, millennials have started to opt for smaller alternatives when it comes to real estate. Maybe the trend came from IKEA showrooms, the micro-housing wave, or simply from growing accustomed to sharing apartments with one too many people. The fact remains: people may want to pay for smaller, but they still want to live … Read More

Americans Remain Concerned About Credit Card Debt

Americans are growing more concerned about their credit card balances, according to a recent National Foundation for Credit Counseling® (NFCC®) poll, which revealed that 69 percent of the respondents are most unsure or worried about paying down credit card debt. “Credit cards are a useful and effective financial tool for those who keep their balances under control,” says Bruce McClary, … Read More

5 Bank Accounts Every Family Should Have

Having all of your family’s money in one bank account can make keeping track of your money easier, but it might not help your family meet its financial goals. Instead of one big fund for everything — such as a checking account — you might be better equipped to meet several small financial goals with multiple bank accounts. If you’re … Read More

Keeping Up with the Joneses: Tips to Add Value with Curb Appeal

Want to stand out in your neighborhood? At the very least, you don’t want to be known as the crusty neighbor who doesn’t maintain their outdoor space. Here are some quick and easy ways to increase your curb appeal and keep up with the Joneses:Wash It Clean: The simplest and easiest way to spruce up the appearance of your house … Read More

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

  Improving your credit score can be one of the best things you can do for your finances. A high credit score can lead to lower interest rates on home loans and better credit card rewards.Getting an excellent credit score isn’t too difficult if you have good credit habits. Here are four easy ways to improve your credit score: 1. … Read More

A Game Plan for Buying Home Insurance

Before you sign on the dotted line, take the following factors into consideration when purchasing homeowners insurance in order to make sure you’re getting the best rate and proper coverage: Things to ask: How far away is the property from a fire department? Is it a professional or a volunteer-based establishment? Home insurance is bound to be less expensive for … Read More