Why Choose Me?

Unlike other real estate agents, I don’t just put up a sign and wait for the phone to ring. Instead, I use my expertise to custom tailor a unique strategy for your property, including placing your property on the most popular residential and commercial real estate online databases as well over 1,000 additional local, national, and international property listing databases, create attractive marketing materials that will be downloadable, create mailing campaigns (both email and regular mail) to reach carefully targeted prospects and place signage designed to lease or sell your property.
• We will market your property on over 1,000 local, national, and international property listing databases, including Commercial Source, Linkedin, Twitter, Total Commercial, Costar, Facebook, Loopnet, Land and Farm, Craigslist, and Juwai.

This is a partial list of our approaches to get your property sold. Each property receives a tailored approach.
• We will create attractive marketing materials for your property.
• If appropriate, a video tour will be filmed, edited, and posted to a number of websites, including YouTube.
• We will use a host of social media outlets to source and communicate with viable prospects for your property including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin.
• Your property will be emailed to thousands of local and national brokers, developers, appraisers, prospective buyers and tenants, and a number of others in the industry.
• We’ll present your property to a host industry related meetings and conventions held throughout the year in various parts of the State.
• We will use several online paid subscription prospecting websites to enter criteria for your property that allow us to source and interact with prospects that match your property’s criteria.
• When appropriate, we will perform door to door prospecting to fill your property.
• We are able to perform specific industry property postcard mailings to prospects in industries that would ideally fit in to your property.


How will you select a Real Estate agent?

Best Services & Marketing Plan or Highest Market Price?

Remember: An associate does NOT control the market. Never select an agent based solely on the price they want to market your property.


Avoid this common mistake: “Another associate will list it at a higher price”

A high asking price does NOT indicate a more competent Real Estate Professional. An associate who recommends a price that is appropriate for a property in a given market is the one really acting in the sellers’ best interest.


The role of a Real Estate associate in pricing:

I don’t tell you what I think your property is “worth,” the market determines value.


Together we determine price
I will show you a range of prices being paid for properties in your area